In Opposition to #WomanCrushWednesday

If you’re familiar with Instagram’s hash tag lingo, then you would know #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday. Every Wednesday thousands of people post on Instagram a photo of a woman they have a ‘crush’ on, are inspired by, or admire. These photos could be of a friend, a wife, a celebrity, a model, or an athlete.

Let’s make this CrossFit related shall we?

Every Wednesday, the hashtag #WCW leads you to many accounts that posted photos of CrossFit athletes such as Camille, Fischer, Valenzuela, Ager, Jackie, Brooks, and the list goes on. If you scroll down to read the comments, 80% are of girls saying things like:

“One day that will be us!”

“I want her abs”

“Why must I love food!”

“I want her arms”

“Dream body!!!”

Okay…but why do you want her arms? Why don’t you want your own arms but a better version of them? What’s wrong with loving food? Fit girls eat too.

The idea of fitspiration “fitness inspiration” can be great in motivating girls to work towards a goal. But the images of fitspiration could also be a bad thing. Read more here “Is Fitspiration Doing More Harm Than Good?”

These women that you are looking at are normal people just like you, but with better discipline, years of training, commitment to a program and a whole lifestyle dedicated to fitness. Are you prepared to make all the sacrifices needed?

Back to CrossFit…

What I love about CrossFit is the way it allows people to move away from obsessing with the scale, negative body image, and unhealthy dieting fads. If you truly bring all your focus into your CrossFit training, your mindset will change and you’re suddenly more concerned with the amount of weight you’re lifting, your WOD times, and learning new skills while having fun with your box buddies.

I promise you, instead of obsessing over photos of other women’s bodies on Instagram, focus on improving your performance, eat healthy, take care of recovery and sleep, and you will suddenly find yourself looking in the mirror at a body that was once your ‘dream body’.

Here’s a repost of something I had written 4 months ago about post-pregnancy and body image:

After pregnancy, a woman’s body is completely changed. Suddenly your hips are wider, your stomach isn’t tight, and your core is weaker, exhaustion, back pain, and stretch marks; many reasons for some women to criticize themselves.

I have to honestly say, after pregnancy, not once did I judge my body. I accepted the changes that are not within my control. But as soon as I was able, I worked on changing the things I could control. Personally, my goals were not aesthetic, but performance. When my body composition improved with what I was doing it was like a bonus. In a few months, I was lifting heavier than what I was pre-pregnancy and doing even better! I have never been as proud of my body as I am now.

Whatever stage your body is at, whatever scars your body displays, whatever hardships your body has endured…You have to accept it, love it, be proud of it, and always work on building a better body that is yours!

Enjoy your personal journey of getting healthier and training to become a better you!

I will leave you with the CrossFit video “Beauty in Strength”…just try not to stare at their half naked bodies and listen to what they’re saying instead:


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